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Artesian water health benefits

The high mineral content of the Artesian Thermal water includes minerals such as calcium , magnesium , potassium , sulphur & bicarbonate , which are believed to be absorbed into the skin , helping to repair tissue damage and also help the body fight illness . The treatment of various ailments by bathing in mineral springs is called balneotherapy ,  Immerse yourself in the mineral rich Hot Artesian waters and you may experience the many reputed benefits , Including :  

  •  Rejuvenation and rehydration of your skin
  •  Assistance with detoxifying the lymphatic system
  •  Muscle relaxation and joint pain relief , helpful for those muscular and arthritic problems
  •  Assistance with Sciatica and nerve trouble
  •  Helpful for people who have trouble sleeping
  •  Stress relief
  •  Help with poor circulation
  •  Provide relief of symptoms eczema , psoriasis and other common skin complaints