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A small weekend holiday can help with the stress of the daily grind.


We're all working more extended hours these days. Even on the weekends, most of us find ourselves running frantically between necessary errands, from taking the kids to sporting practice and parties to doing home maintenance, the weekly shop and paying the bills.


If the reported rise in levels of everyday fatigue, depression and anxiety are anything to go by, it seems we’re finding it more difficult than ever in our hectic, modern world to eke out time to get the relaxation and recuperation our minds and bodies desperately need to function at optimal levels.


The good news is that even a short weekend getaway can make a fantastic difference to your health and wellbeing. A recent study by the University of Pittsburgh's Mind-Body Centre discovered that a three-day weekend break that lets you prioritise relaxation can lead to more satisfaction with life, more positive emotions and less depression.


Scientists tracked the health statistics of 1400 study participants against how much leisure time they have, including holidays. Results revealed those able to take short breaks reported lower blood pressure and stress hormones, reduced waist circumference and body mass index, and more life satisfaction.


Taking a quick three-day weekend more frequently also improved productivity at home and work. University of Illinois researchers found a mental break improved focus and work ethic over the longer term, proving that distracting yourself from chores is highly beneficial. Compared to those who rarely take time off, regular short breaks left participants feeling more energised, less anxious and ready to deal with any task that came their way.


Of course, it all depends on how you choose to spend your mini break. To maximise your health boost, you'll want to look for activities and destinations that allow you to switch off and revitalise body, mind and soul. A change of scenery is essential – city dwellers might appreciate getting back to nature while country folk might benefit from a trip into town.


When you book your resort accommodation checking if amenities are on tap is a good start. Spa weekends are great for letting your cares melt away – you could choose a resort with spa pools, massages, yoga or meditation classes for a triple dose of calm.


You could also consider heading to a natural thermal pools resort, where you can combine fun activities, great food, and soaking to your heart’s content in the pure, warm waters of a hot spring. At Moree in northern New South Wales, mineral-rich water is drawn from the Great Artesian Basin and maintains a consistently warm temperature all year round, which makes it the perfect mini getaway for stressed-out holidayers looking to let it all go.


Whatever you decide for your mini break, it also pays to plan the next one as well. Psychologists have found the highest levels of happiness happen when we're anticipating a holiday – which means the best thing you can do for your wellbeing is to block off regular time so you can look forward to more mini trips t. That way you're guaranteed to feel at your best, mentally and physically, throughout the entire year.


Book Moree accommodation now and start dreaming of your next holiday today.